How Professors Handled the Sandusky Scandal

Professors have been handling their classes in a variety of ways since the Sandusky scandal broke last week. Some have chosen to ignore it altogether and continue their lesson plans as usual. Some have addressed it briefly. Others have been able to incorporate it into class as it fits with the subject matter. For others, it has superseded the syllabus. And in a few rare cases, particularly in COMM classes, students had a chance to speak with members of the national media.

Point being; many professors seem to have put class aside for a time to discuss the ongoing story with their classes.

I have experienced a range of reactions in my classes. Most of my professors have kept to the lesson plan, largely ignoring the charges. One spoke briefly about it at the start of class before moving on. She later emailed the class information on support services, such as psychological counseling and various support groups on campus. In my Opinion, Editorial and Commentary writing class, my professor had us spend the class writing reaction columns to the events of last week instead of working on the column we had scheduled.

While none of my professors set aside class time to have a discussion about the situation, many students have had at least one class in which their professor did. We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers how their professors handled the scandal in their classes yesterday. You can read the Facebook responses here. Below is a Storify of responses we received on Twitter. Feel free to tell us how your professors handled yesterday’s classes in the comments below.

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