“Cents Of Hope” Raises Over $4K FTK

Most of us spent Thanksgiving break catching up on homework, spending time with  friends and family, and taking time to recharge before finals. Penn State junior Steve Huber did all of that, but he also threw on his running shoes to raise money for THON.  As part of his “Cents of Hope” project, Huber raised $4,720.41 for THON when he completed the Philadelphia Half-Marathon the Sunday leading into break.

Huber accomplished his goal of starting the race last, beginning the 13.1 mile run about thirty minutes after the clock began to run. One hour, fifty-one minutes, and fifty-seven seconds later, he crossed the finish line having passed 5,520 runners while clocking a personal best time.

Support for Penn State and THON at the race provided much-needed motivation for Steve, who said he encountered a number of Penn State and THON supporters throughout the day.

“I wore my fraternity’s THON shirt for this year, which reads ‘All Day, Every Day, FTK’ on the back,” said Huber, who serves as the Vice President of business fraternity AKPsi. “When I was passing people, they would read the back of my shirt and I’d hear them yell ‘We are!’ every now and then. I also got a lot of comments after the race as well.”

Donations totaled about eighty cents per runner passed, and Huber also received a few flat donations from friends and family towards Cents Of Hope.

“It’s really nice to see all of this money coming in for THON, and I’m glad everything went smoothly,” Huber said of the entire experience.

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John Tecce

John is a senior in the Smeal College of Business majoring in Marketing. He currently serves as the President of the Paternoville Coordination Committee and as a THON Chair for Nittany Nation. He tweets a lot.


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