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Day: December 1, 2011

Reader-Submitted Post

GSA: A Look Back at the Semester

As the semester wraps up and we all are taking time out to finish projects, take finals, or grade papers, I wanted to take a moment to look back at this past semester and see what all GSA has done here at Penn State.

“Cents Of Hope” Raises Over $4K FTK

Most of us spent Thanksgiving break catching up on homework, spending time with friends and family, and taking time to recharge before finals. Penn State student Steve Huber did all of that, but he also threw on his running shoes to raise money for THON.

First Lawsuit Brought Against Penn State, Second Mile, Sandusky

We knew this would be the next shoe to fall, and the only question was when--when the tide would turn from a criminal investigation into a wave of civil lawsuits against Penn State. The first was filed yesterday in Philadelphia, by a Minnesota lawyer, on behalf of a "John Doe" who was not among the eight alleged victims listed in the Grand Jury presentment.

Making Sense of “No”

“Did the national media bully the university to make a decision? If so, was it a rash decision?”

That was the response I received from Rodney Erickson. Unlike the majority of questions and answers given at last night’s forum, it was undoubtedly succinct. “No” was also the statement that upset me the most. In the seconds after his answer, I felt miffed. “Really? You don’t care to elaborate on that. Not even a ‘No, because...’”

THONvelope Tips and Tricks

THONvelopes are a great way to fundraise for THON, but a lot of people don't understand THONvelopes and how they can be beneficial to their organization. Here are a few tips on how to use THONvelopes, and exactly how they help raise THON's total!

Tips For Canning Weekend #2

Canning Weekend #2 is but hours away, and everyone is packing up their winter coats and sleeping bags for a weekend of fun and fulfillment. If there ever was a time when representation of THON, and Penn State were most vital, it would be now. While all Penn State students and alumni understand that THON has nothing to do with the Sandusky scandal, the same cannot necessarily be said by those outside our community. Some passers-by may see canners holding signs that say "Penn State" and "kids" on them and immediately make assumptions. Some may even vocalize their conclusions, and we must decide how to properly handle such a situation.

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