Day: January 10, 2012

Officially Out: JayPa Done at PSU

Jay Paterno will not return next season to the Penn State football program, he announced on his blog earlier tonight.

JoePa Answers with $100k Gift

Raise your hand if you have ever heard of an employee being fired from a company after more than four decades of service and then donating money to the same company. A few days ago, I doubt I would have seen many hands raised, if any.

PSU Libs Open Knowledge Commons

A project that first got underway nearly two years ago reached its greatest milestone to date this week when the full Knowledge Commons was opened for general student usage.

With Few Options Nearby, Boots Reopens

Boots Dairyette has reopened in what remains of its former location in the south-eastern corner of the Graduate apartment building at the intersection of Beaver Ave and Atherton St. After a brief hiatus while the space was renovated, the convenience store, once a beacon for those seeking a late-night binge on the westside of town, has officially reopened under new management just in time for the spring semester.

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