THON is Just Around the Corner

With the turning of the calendar to February tomorrow, we enter the homestretch for THON. Fundraising is kicking into high gear, and dancers, organizations, and committees are beignning to prepare for the best weekend that Penn State has to offer.

For all who are looking to raise some more money or just benefit the Dance Marathon, this week offers you a few more chances:

Tuesday, January 31st

Schreyer Honors College Student Council is hosting Just Dance FTK at the top of the big stairs in the HUB from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Top scorers will receive prizes. $2 for one game. $5 for three games.

Wednesday, February 1st

From 3 PM – 9PM, go to Philly Pretzel Twist FTK, and have a portion of the purchases made that day go to benefit THON.

Thursday, February 2nd

Four Diamonds Awareness Day (as explained by Public Relations Captain Vickie Maseda):

“Four Diamonds Awareness Day fosters appreciation and awareness for The Fund by providing information about how it benefits the children, families, researchers and staff. Handouts are distrubted to better inform the public and there is a panel. Also, a new shirt will be revealed at the Merch sale.”

Independent Dancers lottery will reveal what couples have been selected to independently dance this year at THON. Be sure to congratulate anyone who is fortunate enough get a slot!

LAST merchandise sale will be in the HUB from 10 AM to 3 PM. This is your last opportunity to pick up your official gear before THON 2012 arrives.

Friday February 3rd – 5th

Canning Weekend #4. Safe travels to all the canners heading out this weekend.

With 17 days left until THON, make sure to do your best to help out in whatever way you can. Losing a canning weekend was a setback, but when have setbacks ever stopped Penn State?  If there are any other THON events happening this week, post the details in the comments section so others can know to show support. FTK!

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