THON Makes It On The TODAY Show

As many of us saw throughout the day on Friday through Facebook and Twitter, THON was able to make it onto national TV thanks to some very dedicated students.

At around 8:00 on Friday morning Al Roker introduced the TODAY Show viewers to the cause that we all hold very close to our hearts. Featured on national television were Andrew Lambert, Donor and Alumni Relations Overall Anuj Upadhyay, Supply Logistics Overall Pat Howley, and THON 2012 Overall Chairperson Elaine Tanella.

“We were just in NYC for Friday morning for the opportunity to be on the TODAY Show. It was an exciting experience and something that I wanted to do to help promote THON outside the State College community. We are thankful to Al Roker and the TODAY Show for allowing us to briefly speak about what we do and how we are helping in the fight again pediatric cancer” said Public Relations Overall Kirsten Quisenberry. “Simply, we’d like for everyone to come support the dancers in the BJC next weekend and to encourage their friends and family to tune into our webcast and donate online at”

I’m more than willing to bet that I am not the only person impressed by this. THON is an amazing thing and it is awesome that the country got to see a little of what Penn State can do FTK! Thanks to all the THON volunteers who traveled to New York to help spread THON awareness.

6 days until we dance!

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