White Out Coming To THON

When it comes to doing creative and cool things- Penn Staters do it the best.

When we want a White House at Beaver Stadium, we get 110,000 people to wear all white.

When we want to help beat cancer, we raise millions of dollars and dance for 46 hours to help ease the burden on pediatric cancer patients and their families.

In a few days, Penn State will have the chance to combine both of these things and white out THON 2012. It has been spreading around campus and social media sites that for the first time in THON’s history, the Pep Rally will be a White Out.

For those of you who don’t know, the THON Pep Rally is held on Saturday night and features (among other things) skits and dances from some of our varsity athletic teams. The athletes never fail to entertain which lead to a boost the spirit of dancers and participants alike. It usually lasts 1-2 hours and is definitely something you want to see if you’re new to THON.

The idea of the THON Pep Rally White Out came about thanks to the creativity of the Pep Rally Coordinators- Chris Schlitt, Andrea De Leon, and Perri Hammershlag.

“Students get so excited about White Outs in Beaver Stadium so we thought it would be awesome to organize a White Out for the most highly attended Pep Rally of the year. Students love to show their school spirit and pride, especially when it is FTK,” said Hammershlag. “Spectators should deck out in white Saturday night, just like they would for any other Penn State pep rally.”

For those of you who need white gear or want white THON gear, check out any merchandise table from 7-8 PM on Saturday night and receive a discount on your white THON logo short sleeve t-shirt.

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