Res Life Limits Guests for State Patty’s

Penn State’s Residence Life office has joined the fight against State Patty’s Day.

This morning, on-campus students started receiving an email informing them of a change to the overnight guest policy during the weekend of February 24-25. During these two days, residents may only have one guest stay overnight in their dorm room. If any student is found in violation of this policy, the resident will be forced to go through the “community standard process” and the guest could even be asked to find another place to stay.

The email reiterates the fact that the university does not condone this student-created holiday, and has recently been joined by many student organizations in its efforts to end its existence, as well as the fact that most damage caused to residence halls during the State Patty’s Day holiday can be attributed to non Penn State students.

Residence Life encourages students to contact them with any questions or concerns. The text of the email can be read below:

“Please read this email carefully as it includes important information about the upcoming event this month and affects you as a resident and PSU student.

State Patty’s Day is an event created by Penn State Students and designed with the intent to consume alcoholic beverages. This year the event has been announced to take place on February 25. The university does not condone this event as it has become a source of disruption and embarrassment for the University Park Campus and the State College Community. You may have noticed that many student leaders and organizations are not in support of this event and are planning alternate activities for the weekend.

Last year, and in previous years, non-resident visitors of our residence hall students, who were here for the sole purpose of State Patty’s Day, caused considerable damage and clean up in the residence halls. The repairs and clean up from these activities adds to the cost resident students pay for their own living environment. These behaviors also caused an unnecessary and inordinate workload for the Housing staff who maintain your halls.

Because of the negative behavior that has existed over the course of this weekend, and to discourage guests that are here for the sole purpose of the State Patty’s Day event, Residence Life is revising the overnight guest policy for Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25, 2012. Each resident room may have only one (1) overnight guest. If a residence hall room or undergraduate apartment is found to have more than one overnight guest the host will be documented for a guest violation and the person(s) involved will meet with their building Coordinator to go through the community standard process. Your guest could also be asked to find an alternative place to stay for the duration of the weekend.

Please help the University discourage the negative activities associated with this event and participate in the numerous other positive activities that are happening this weekend. 

If you have questions about the revised guest policy, see your resident assistant or contact your area Residence Life office.”

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