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Day: February 2, 2012

Res Life Limits Guests for State Patty’s

This morning, on-campus students received an email informing them of a change to the overnight guest policy during the weekend of February 24-25. During these two days, residents may only have one overnight guest.

Drunk, Sober, High: UPUA General Assembly

Every Wednesday, the UPUA general assembly meets in the HUB to help shape the future of our school and our world. Whether it's allocating $6,000 for i-clickers, generously granting guest-speakers $3 for two Diet Cokes, or sending students to conferences in Illinois for $1,200 a pop, UPUA is always looking out for you, the students. Like any transparent governing body, these politicians kindly allow the public to attend their weekly legislative meetings. Below, you’ll read the experiences of three writers who took it upon themselves to have a great night with differing ideals at last nights UPUA meeting.

THON Dancer Mail Questions Answered

As you may well know THON is coming up in t-minus sixteen days (read: really really soon) and I’m sure that y’all can’t wait for that day to finally arrive. What can you do in the meantime? Send the dancers mail for Mail Call! Find out all the details on how to make it and where to send it after the jump.

View from Above: Bryce Jordan Center

This 400,000 square foot multipurpose facility was established on January 6, 1996. Just across the street from Beaver Stadium on Curtin Road, this 16,000 seat center is known for hosting "circuses, sports exhibitions, family shows, commencements, lectures, and Big Ten Basketball, as well as some of the top-name performers in the music entertainment industry." Not to mention the location of THON's 46 hour dance marathon weekend.

Rolling into the Derby Season with SCAR

It's that time of the year once again for tough chicks to break out their fishnet stockings and eyeliner. Roller derby season is upon us.
Just in case you didn't see Whip It, roller derby is that sport where chicks on wheels beat the living day lights of each other to score points.

Reader-Submitted Post

The Oddities of Groundhog Day

Most of us do not think much of Groundhog Day, but for the community of Punxsutawney, PA, it is one of the biggest days of the year. Read on for some interesting info about the silly holiday and its humorous traditions.

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