V-Day or D-Day?

V-Day or should I say, D-Day? Valentine’s Day is hit or miss normally and for me, it’s a day where I receive a card and chocolates from my mom and red and pink socks from my grandma.

But looking at the big picture, what does Valentine’s Day really stand for? It’s just an obligatory day for significant others to declare their love because there is absolutely no better day of the year to do so. Why should couples wait for significant, personal, random but meaningful moments to express how much they care for one another when there’s February 14th?

It’s a day when chocolate companies, Build-a-Bear, and floral shops make bank. It’s the season when jewelry retail can shove advertisements down our throats with the message that says, “Hey fellas, let your lady know you mean forever. Buy a diamond!” Because what else says, “I’m for real,” than a piece of jewelry that instantly declares your commitment. Everyone can measure how much you really love your girl by the karat or price value attached to her finger or dangling from her neck.

So this Valentine’s Day, grab your significant other, be cliché, tell them you in love them with material goods and Hallmark words, because let’s face it, only card companies can say best how we really feel.

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