THON 101: Merchandise

Anyone who has ever been to THON is familiar with the copious amounts of t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, bracelets, and various other clothing items and accessories that are seen throughout the BJC over the course of the weekend. But how does everyone get all of this gear? The answer is the Merchandise Committee. Made up of overall chairperson Jackie Swerdon, 21 captains, and 30 committee members (2 committees of 15 members each), the Merchandise committee allows us to represent THON on our clothing year round.

In the months leading up to THON, Merchandise captains and committee members manage every aspect of the online THON store, including inventory, filling orders, and customer service, as well as providing students with opportunities to stock up on gear with sales on campus. The Merchandise committee is also responsible for creating and distributing shirts for ‘100 Days ’til THON’ and all of the colored on-shift committee shirts that we are so familiar with.

During THON Weekend, merchandise captains and committee members dedicate their time to running the three THON stores on the concourse level of the BJC, as well as helping out wherever else they may be needed.

It is hard to spend a day on campus without seeing at least a dozen people sporting THON gear, and this would not be possible without the hard efforts of the Merchandise Committee.

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