THON 101: Public Relations

Half of the battle against pediatric cancer is getting the word out. There is a way to stand up for a cure and THON Public Relations is at the helm of that effort.

The committee is organized into three distinct action groups.

100 Days ’till THON and the Mr. and Mrs. THON Pageant are just two examples of what the Event Management Committee do leading up to THON weekend. They organize and execute the events that foster spirit and unity within the THON community. Come THON weekend, the Event Management Committee is who the journos like me have to deal with.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Photography Committee is writing The Grapes of Wrath of THON. Their responsibility is the name–taking the photographs that archive the memories made during the 46 hours of THON weekend.

The Street Team sub-group of THON PR is the connection between the floor of the BJC and the general public. Through various modes of marketing, the Street Team fosters awareness of the Four Diamonds Fund’s fight against childhood pediatric cancer. They also run THON’s social media outlets, so these are the people who retweet your #FTK tweets.

For more information about THON Public Relations, check out THON’s FAQ website.

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