THON 2012 Prop Bets: The Results

Welp, THON 2012 is over. We raised a whole lot of money and it was a generally awesome weekend.

But the question remains: What are the results of the THON Prop Bets? Let’s break it down by category.

Onward State-Related Dancer Prop Bets

Which Onward State-related dancer will cry first, and when?

My Prediction: John Tecce, 3 hours into THON.

The Results:

Wow. A shockingly-short amount of time. I tried to find out which one of them cried first, but I received no response. I can only assume that they looked into each other’s eyes and erupted into tears immediately and simultaneously broke d0wn into tears. I’ll chalk this up as a win for anyone who picked Tecce or Rogo.

Which Onward State-related dancer will say something delirious first, and when?

My Prediction: Rogo, 4 hours into THON.

The Results:

It was 7 hours in, but yep. No surprises there.

Which Onward State-related dancer will sleep for the longest after THON, and for how long?

My Prediction: Ally, for 16 hours.

The Results:

I was off by 2 hours, but Ally Greer did indeed sleep for the longest. And kudos to Rogo for sleeping for 12 hours, which beat my ceiling of 10 hours for her.

General THON Prop Bets

 How many times will the Bryce Jordan Center WiFi fail over the course of the weekend?

My Prediction: 16 times.

The Results: Surprisingly, the BJC WiFi failed us only once the entire weekend. This is the prop bet that I was most happy to have picked incorrectly.

Which team will win Color War?

My Prediction: Red Team.

The Results: Despite having the entire Onward State contingent behind them, the Red Team couldn’t pull off the win. Instead, it was the Blue Team that snatched the victory.

At what time will the Bryce Jordan Center close its doors on Sunday?

My Prediction: 9:30 a.m.

The Results: On Sunday, I heard three conflicting reports about when doors finally closed: 8:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., and 9:24 a.m. That averages out to about 9:00 a.m., half an hour before I said they’d close. Close enough (especially since the precise bet was that they would close before 10).

What five things will be mentioned in the line dance (besides Joe Paterno, which is a guarantee)?

My Prediction: Osama Bin Laden’s death/the celebration, Penn State beating Iowa in football, Kim Kardashian getting divorced, the earthquake, and a dubstep bass drop.

The Results: No mention of Bin Laden, which I suppose is understandable, since the Line Dance Overlords probably didn’t want to highlight celebration for a death. I was a Grade A Moron to have picked Penn State beating Iowa over JoePa winning his 409th game. But, as a few commenters pointed out, I got the others correct, going 3 for 5. I’m especially happy with the dubstep prediction. During pre-THON, they were playing an almost constant stream of dubstep, at which point I commented to some other Onward State staffers, “If the line dance doesn’t have dubstep, I’ll eat a fat smelly sock.” Phew.

Food and Music Prop Bets

How many fast food places will the Onward State Media Contingent order from over the course of THON weekend?

My Prediction: 8.

The Results: Shockingly, we only ordered from 2 fast food places (I wasn’t present at either order, but I would guess Wings Over). Healthy eating (i.e. Red Bull for breakfast [yikes]) must have prevailed this weekend.

Which Black Eyed Peas song will Tucker Haas sing?

My Prediction: Where Is The Love?

The Results: As you probably know, Tucker Haas did not perform any Black Eyed Peas songs. Instead, he belted out an awesome rendition of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem. It was stupid of me to think that he would (a) Do another Black Eyed Peas song and (b) Do a Black Eyed Peas song that was almost as old as he was. Speaking of Party Rock Anthem…

Which of these four songs (Party Rock Anthem, We Found Love, Rolling In The Deep, and I Wanna Dance With Somebody) will be played the most often during THON, and how many times?

My Prediction: Party Rock Anthem, 21 times.

The Results: This was BY FAR the closest and most popular prop bet. But first, a sidenote: If Katy Perry – Firework or Nicki Minaj – Super Bass were included in this bet, it would look very different. But I digress. Rolling In The Deep and I Wanna Dance With Somebody received only 3 and 2 plays all weekend, respectively.

But Party Rock Anthem and We Found Love were within one play of each other the entire weekend. In fact, there wasn’t a clear winner until Go Go Gadjet’s set at the end of THON. Actually, there wasn’t a clear winner at all! Party Rock Anthem and We Found Love were each played exactly 11 times, making this prop bet a TIE.

Ties are boring, though, and we already have one tie, so I am declaring Party Rock Anthem the winner. Primarily, this is because it closed out Go Go Gadjet’s set and was overall more memorable in the scope of THON 2012, what with Tucker Haas performing it as well. Secondarily, I’m declaring Party Rock Anthem the winner because I predicted it would be the winner and I want to feel good about myself. Fuck you, you’d do the same damn thing.

THON 2012 Prop Bet Retrospective

All in all, my predictions kind of stunk. If I bet $100 on each bet with the odds that I made up (excluding exact times, and giving 2-1 odds for each line dance prediction), I would have lost $150 overall. BUT, if I were betting for real, I would have put a billion dollars on Rogo saying something delirious first and I would have come out on top. Of course, I would have donated all proceeds to THON. Maybe next year.

How did your predictions fare (if you made them)?

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