Penn State Grad Releases Single with Philly Flavor

It seems like everyone is a rapper these days. Penn State has certainly had its fair share of rappers come through campus over the past few years. Some are good. Some, less so. Class of 2010 graduate (and former Collegian writer!), Philadelphia native Adam Ferrone-known simply as Rone (@_rone)–falls in the ‘good’ category.

Last week, Rone released his first single “200 Miles to Philadelphia,” which will appear on his debut release The First Story. The album will be released on the Raw Life label, which managed by Dice Raw, a frequent collaborator of the legendary Philly hip-hop band The Roots.

The song’s impressive guitar-based production is from Ritz Reynolds, who most recently produced tracks for Mac Miller’s “Blue Slide Park” and assisted The Roots on their latest masterpiece, “Undun.” Rone flows effortlessly in his personal ode to the City of Brotherly Love over the light, laid-back production.

Rone initially made a name for himself by out-rapping 2009 XXL freshman class cover boy Charles Hamilton in the HUB after Hamilton performed at Penn State in March of that year. Video of the two rapping in the HUB spread all over hip hop message boards, and Hamilton himself later admitted that Rone had better rhymes.

Upon graduating, Rone began competing in New York City in the Grind Time Now battle rap league where he impressed and gained fame, by defeating many veterans of the battle rap scene. His battle victory against California rapper “Okwerdz” has over 200,000 views on YouTube.

He has since distanced himself from the battle rap scene to focus on his debut album. He has released a few randomfreestyles”, but “200 Miles to Philadelphia” is his first official release.

Do yourselves a favor, check out the track and keep a look out for Rone’s future releases.

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