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Day: February 22, 2012

In the Hopes of Bridging THON

Last year, I wrote a post-THON piece detailing the conflicts between members of the THON audience and the Rules & Regulations Committee. Unfortunately, I along with many other R&R members ran into similar situations this past weekend. In order to overcome these miscommunications, as well as those between the other THON Committees, both sides must do their part.

THON 2012 Weekend Coverage Wrap-Up

What a year and what a weekend. Penn State students overcame enormous sets of obstacles over the past four-and-a-half months to raise $10,686,924.83 FOR THE KIDS. Onward State (or rather, our alter ego @THONwardState) was there all weekend long to provide you with coverage of this year's amazing event.

Movin’ On 2012 Line-up Announced

Movin' On announced Ludacris and the Avett Brothers as the 2012 headliners today. What do you think of the lineup?

What THON Means to Me

I'll admit -- and anyone who knows me can attest to this -- I haven't always been a huge fan of THON.

There isn't a powerful enough adjective to describe the fact that Penn State students raise millions of dollars for the Four Diamond Fund every year. Raising $10 million for childhood cancer research and support is something that is so unbelievably special and something that requires an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and love. That being said, and I know it's not the conventional wisdom, we can do better. THON has many problems that aren't being fixed, because frankly, people are scared to talk negatively about THON. Someone once told me, "I hate THON the organization, but I love THON the cause." Before everyone grabs their pitchforks and torches, let me just explain myself.

Watch Dudes Strut Their Stuff at the Mr. Think Pink Show Tonight at the HUB

Everyone likes to watch people make a fool of themselves. Yes, even you, you self-righteous boob. So why not laugh at someone else's expense all in the name of charity!?

The Visitors of State Patty’s Day

This weekend Happy Valley will be filled with out-of-town visitors. Read on to discover some of those rare characters you'll see this weekend.

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