No Break for Crystal Seth

While everyone was getting ready for their spring break, Penn State’s own Crystal Seth was preparing to release four new music videos… in one day.

The artist has been working hard since October when he released his mixtape “Left on Freeport.” After a couple of months and two new singles, Crystal Seth showed some love to his fans by releasing four music videos in a matter of hours on March 4. Three of the tracks are from “Left on Freeport” and one is the single “Pack My Bags,” which the artist released shortly after.

Check these out:

1. Dial Back ft. Beedie

Easily my favorite song/video from the four that CS released. Love the flow. Love the 50s vibe in the video. Love Beedie’s verse.

2. Better To Be Hated 

The sample from “You Are Not a Robot” is so catchy. This whole track is catchy. The video was a little creepy at first, but there’s some great humor in it (check around the 2:00 minute mark when Seth starts driving that playground bus all serious). Showing some love for PSU with the hat too.

3. We Can Go

CS has a great ability to pack a punch in a short track. He does it in this one. The party scene as a music video never gets old either. Short, sweet and to the point.

4. Pack My Bags 

This video trips me out. It’s like Rocket Power on shrooms. There are some great lines in this song: “And my fans are like some bullies/they just push me to new heights.” Showing more love for PSU with the snapback.

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