Day: March 27, 2012

Top 10: Worst Establishments To Hold a 55 Days Competition

The "55 Days" of Cafe 210 is very unique and not every bar in town could hold such a competition. Check out our list of worst possible places to hold the event.

Vegetarian-Friendly Places Downtown

I'm no vegetarian, but I can imagine the difficulty it is to find anything to eat when it seems like every eating establishment tailors their menu to its carnivore consumers. But once you leave the HUB island, the downtown area actually provides a selection of different places for vegetarians to enjoy food choices other than salads. Here are 10 vegetarian-friendly places in downtown State College to save you from the HUB's salad bar and veggie dip.

An Open Letter To Danny O’Brien

Former Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien is shopping around for a place to call home, and Penn State appears to be among the favorites. Yesterday, O'Brien came to Penn State's first spring practice and, whether because of cold or desire, wore a Penn State jacket. It only feels right to do our part as fans to help recruit him, so here's my open letter to DOB.

UPUA Candidate Profiles: Academic Colleges

With UPUA election day quickly approaching, we reached out to the candidates to help you make an informed vote on March 28. There are 11 students running for positions in the 14 academic colleges, however, only one race is contested.

President Erickson Hosts Third And Final Fireside Chat

On March 26th, President Rodney Erickson and Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims hosted the third and final fireside chat in the Hintz Family Alumni Center. The chats gave students a small and informal to voice their concerns.

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