Vegetarian-Friendly Places Downtown

I’m no vegetarian, but I can imagine the difficulty it is to find anything to eat when it seems like every eating establishment tailors their menu to its carnivore consumers.  But once you leave the HUB island, the downtown area actually provides a selection of different places for vegetarians to enjoy food choices other than salads. Here are 10 vegetarian-friendly places in downtown State College to save you from the HUB’s salad bar and veggie dip.

Yummy Café – Located on East Calder Way, their menu offers a specific section devoted to vegetarians who enjoy Asian food.

The Green Bowl – This is a build-your-own all-you-can-eat stir-fry restaurant on West Beaver Ave. that gives plenty of options to make multiple combinations.

The Pita Pit – With a “Veggie Pita” section, you can choose between falafel, babaganoush, hummus, feta cheese and American cheese pitas. They are located on East Calder Way but can also deliver.

Panera Bread – Who doesn’t love carbs? There are a ton of bagels, soups, salads and pastries to choose from whether you are looking for your daily dose of carbs for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Chipotle – Most people wouldn’t think of this place as vegetarian-friendly since Mexican food mainly consist of beef, chicken and pork. When creating your own taco, burrito/bowl or salad, you can easily opt-out of getting meat and still enjoy all the rice, bean, cheese and guacamole you want.

India Pavilion – It’s located on East Calder Way and offers a variety of vegetarian dinner dishes for those who enjoy Indian cuisine. For lunch they also offer a buffet with vegetarian options.

Fiddlehead – New to West College Ave., it’s a soup and salad café. A safe bet of course, but they also offer gelato for that sweet tooth that Mixed Greens doesn’t offer.

Rotelli –Their wide selection of gourmet pizza and pastas can satisfy any vegetarians’ crave for Italian.

Fresh Harvest Kafé – They have veggie-friendly wraps, paninis, flatbreads, pitas, soups and salads.

Irving’s – They have a ton of sandwich options and many of them are great for those who don’t eat meat. They also have snacks, soups, salads and baked goods if you need something on-the-go and being right across the street from campus is a plus in case you want to grab something before class.

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