Day: April 20, 2012

Every Time I Die Rips Up Heritage Hall

Blast beats, mosh pits, and a surge of kids who wore studded belts in high school descended upon Heritage Hall last night for a performance by aggressive metal-core veterans, Every Time I Die. The hardcore scene that is noticeably absent at Penn State crawled from the corners of campus and joined together for a night of sludgy breakdowns, blasting at deafeningly loud decibels.

My Blue-White Weekend Wishlist

Football is back in the air this weekend on campus as Blue-White Weekend festivities begin today with the actual spring game taking place at 2 p.m. tomorrow in Beaver Stadium. Saturday will mark the first time that many have entered Beaver Stadium since the emotional 17-14 loss to Nebraska last November. I've looked forward to this weekend for a while for many reasons. Listed below are five things I'm looking to get out of this weekend, including the game, and around State College in general.

Distraction of the Day: Tumblr Page is a Big Hit

We all follow, favorite, and retweet @PennStateProbz on Twitter. And of course, we all share our favorite Penn State Memes on Facebook. But alas, there’s a glorious new distraction with which to procrastinate your nights away: meet the Tumblr page that Penn Staters shall forever reblog, That’s So State.

How to Buy Tree at Penn State

It was a sad day last month when Penn State was forced to cut down one of the majestic elm trees in front of Old Main. The tree, which had cast a shadow over Old Main for nearly 80 years, was infected by Elm yellows disease -- a disease that has claimed nearly a quarter of Penn State's elms over the last five years.

Media Dodgeball: Looking for a Comeback

Quite a bit has changed since October 22, 2011, when the Penn State media giants last met within the hallowed confines of Pollock Quad. Awards have been won, leaders have changed, and moments of understanding have increased.

Skipping Class? Don’t Burn Yourself on Social Media

Beautiful weather has finally returned, and the end of the semester is so very near. This can only mean one thing for most Penn State students – Daylong Season. Before you tweet those Instagram photos of your bros getting iced or Tebowing, remember how connected your parents and teachers are these days. That said, here are a few tips on how not to get caught daylonging on social media.

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