Best Grass on Campus

Well, we’re starting to have better weather now and you know what that means – time to chill in the grass. Whether you need a quick nap before your next class or just want to study in the sun, Penn State has many great spots to lay out.

Here’s my top five places on campus to lie on some grass:

      5. Outside of Residence Halls

East, South, Pollock, etc. They all have great spots to lay out and simply relax.







4. Alumni Garden

This is a gem of a spot. There are so many other plants and, the kicker, a pond with ducks. Choose your spot in the grass carefully though. Ducks excessively doo-doo.






      3. Outside of Thomas

I really like this spot, but the only problem is that it’s not very big. It can fill up quickly so if you really want a spot – plan accordingly.





2. HUB Lawn

Perfect for right after you grab some lunch or a long study session. Just walk out the doors and hit the ground.






     1. Old Main 

Best. View. Ever. Plenty of space as well.







There are definitely more spots on campus that are less known. Post a comment and share your favorite spots.

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