Welcome to the Co.Space

Welcome to the co.space, a uniquely student-generated project with innovative aspirations, based on a partnership of students and professionals coexisting in the same environment. It’s essentially a co-ed fraternity for innovators.

The founders of New Leaf Initiative have created a hub for visionaries in the community, Penn State students and change-makers to live and work together. The concept for the co.space was fostered by students in tandem with New Leaf Initiative, a non-profit organization. The living environment sets the co.space apart from other innovative ventures—it takes the movement a step further.


The students who will live in the co.space, are accepted into the program at the beginning of their sophomore year, and will be involved in the program for their junior and senior years at Penn State. The early application deadline to apply to live in the co.space is June 25th. The final deadline to apply to live in the space is September 10, 2012.


These individuals include sustainability consultants, social entrepreneurs, and non-profit and for-impact business leaders who will provide a wide-ranging set of colorful experiences and backgrounds. Under their guidance, students to develop key skills and competencies prior to graduating.

The House

Renovations to the co.space house are expected to begin in May 2013. The first class of students will move into the co.space in the fall semester of 2013. The house, located a 10-minute walk from campus, will accomodate at least 30 residents equally split between gender, class-level, and discipline. Housing and living expenses for the space are estimated around $11,000, comparable to a traditional Penn State fraternity according to the co.space location and costs page. As of now, the exact location of the house cannot be released for legal reasons.

The establishment of the co.space will take its most significant step forward at New Leaf’s first annual fundraising banquet tomorrow, April 26th. The event will allow individuals to have the opportunity to get a first glimpse at the co.space, with amenities ranging from a full lightbulb wall, stones with melted candles all over them, and full scale maps of the world.

If you are looking for a strong community hub for innovators, opportunities to engage in community and international development projects, and a chance to set yourself apart during your college career – the co.space could be an exciting possibility to explore further.

This year’s application is open to students with expected graduation dates of May 2014 and May 2015.

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