Beaver Stadium Mobile App Falls Short

A popular complaint this past weekend at the football game — aside from the dismal outcome — was the fact that the wifi and new PSU gameday mobile app completely sucked. According to Penn State Athletics, upgrades were supposed to occur. Evidently, this was not the case.

Specifically designed for Penn State football Saturdays, fans were told to simply flip their wifi on to the network “attwifi” and log on to the site (or download the PSUgameday app on your iphone), where ultimate football followers could have access to live stats, videos replays, and mobile food ordering through bypass lane.

The concept seemed great as explained here just last week, but it fell short big time. The roster proved to be outdated including players who had transferred, the game times were wrong, and the wifi connection was untrustworthy, as always. Our Twitter mentions said the same, although some people said connectivity was possible in some concourse areas.

However, the bigger question remains: Do you really need to order food on a mobile device when you can simply stride up the stadium stairs, wait in the disgustingly long line with every other hungry Penn State student, and order your chicken basket? Why watch videos of the football game existing right in front of your mere eyes? Let’s face it — wireless Internet connectivity has always been a problem at Beaver Stadium. It doesn’t appear that is going to change anytime soon, no matter how much money Penn State wastes trying to fix it.

Bottom line: sit-back, relax, and enjoy the game.

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