The Nightcrawlers Return to State College

With blues and classic rock influences, The Nightcrawlers are veterans of the State College bar music scene. Since starting back in 2005, they went on hiatus after frontman Noah Figlin moved to L.A. in 2008. When Noah came back to State College in 2010 he brought a new lineup and energy to the band.

The Nightcrawlers bring many styles to the table from folky/bluegrassy Dave Matthews-inspired tracks, to crunchy Hendrix covers. They have been known to mix in some slow blues jams that sound great with female vocal accompaniment by Robin Tuttle. They even threw in a Creedence Clearwater Revival song. (Nothing sounds better to a pair of alcohol-soaked ears than some good ol’ CCR). Masterfully fusing elements of several musical genres, The Nightcrawlers rock a unique sound that will undeniably get you off your feet and dance like no one’s looking (or everyone’s looking, if that’s what you’re into).

But one thing remains constant throughout each track-the love of the jam. Each instrumentalist showcases their talent by improvising sections over almost every song. From a musician’s standpoint this is the most impressive aspect of their performance. Anyone can learn a song and play it just like the original (read: My Hero Zero), but it takes some real talent to pick it apart and make it your own. This is The Nightcrawlers bread and butter.

Although The Nightcrawlers’ setlist doesn’t have the most popular singalong songs their energy can successfully get fifteen people to awkwardly dance at Zeno’s. And really, what more can you ask for? While the band plays covers, they do have some original material. Their album Blue Silver can be downloaded here.

You can check out The Nightcrawlers Wednesday nights at the Phyrst and Thursday nights at Zeno’s. Here’s a video of them covering “The Golden Age” (the song from that awesome Hieneken commericial).


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