Sandusky Calls Victims Liars in Letter to Judge

In a letter penned by Jerry Sandusky to Judge Cleland, he did not ask for mercy, he did not ask for leniency, and of course, he did not acknowledge any of the crimes he’s been convicted of. Instead, Sandusky denied his criminal status and claimed that his victims have fabricated and exaggerated their assertions.

The letter, dated September 27th, 2012, was obtained by several outlets yesterday, including Notable excerpts in the letter can be found below:

Unsurprisingly, Sandusky blames just about everyone else but himself for his conviction.

There were so many people involved in the orchestration of this conviction (media, investigators, prosecutors, “the system”, Penn State, and the accusers. It was well done. They won!

He even went as far as to call his victims liars

When I thought about how it transpired, I wondered what they had won. I thought of the methods, decisions, and allegations. I relived the inconsistent and dishonest testimonies. My mind wondered again. What would be the outcome of all the honest testimonies. My mind wondered again. What would be the outcome of all the accusers and their families who were investigated? I knew the answer. All of their issues would surface…

They have been rewarded for forgetting, fabricating, and exaggerating. Maybe, they will have a better place to live, a new car, access to more highs, but they won’t change. Most of their rewards will be very temporary.

Further down, Sandusky writes that he believes everything regarding his legal process was “protected.”

When I reflected, I realized much of what transpired was about protection  I was placed in protective custody; “‘the system’ protected ‘the system'”, the media, the prosecution, the civil attorneys, and the accusers. Everybody protected themselves. Penn State, with its own system, protected their public image their decisions, and the allegations. The authorities were protected. Media protected their jobs and ambitions. Prosecutors protected their jobs and egos. “The system” protected the prosecution. As the stakes became higher, people had more to protect. Civil attorneys were protected. The accusers were protected and provided access to potential financial gain, free attorneys, accolades, psychologists, and attention. Current and former police investigators protected their decisions and explainations to avoid criticism. The jury put up a protective shield to avoid criticism from family, friends, and the public.

Sandusky also explains why he did not take the stand during his trial in June.

In my heart, I know I did not do these disgusting acts. However, I didn’t tell the jury. Our son changed our plans when he switched sides. I was supposed to be David but filed to pick up the sling shot. Goliath won, and I must deal with the outcome.

Here’s a full PDF of the letter.

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