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Gen Ed Classes From Hell

We’ve all been there. In order to satisfy Gen Ed requirements, we’ve all sought out the easiest class possible to make this nuisance more bearable. With all the tough classes in majors, no one wants to take an even harder class that doesn’t even relate to their intended career choice.

Our staff compiled a list of “easy” Gen Eds that everyone should avoid. Here are their horrible experiences:

5. ANTHRO 011

I was easily fooled by this class. As a naive freshman, I was reeled in by the low class number and the fact that it was online class. I thought I would be learning a very brief history of Native Americans with a few cool movie clips sprinkled in along the way. What I got, however, was an extremely difficult class that forced me to memorize different types of pottery and tribe migrations. Add in the projects and weekly discussion boards and this class was more than I bargained for. I’m an engineer and I honestly believe that I studied for this class more than calculus class. If you’re able to, avoid this class at all costs. — Greg Schlosser 

4. EARTH 103

I was only in this class for about a week. EARTH 103 assumed you knew a lot of math and physics that unsuspecting people like me didn’t know when registering for it. Unless you feel like your math/science background is fairly strong, do not take this class. — Ali Fogarty 

3. ASTRO 001

Shit sounds mad easy but it was actually very difficult. If you don’t have a science background and you take this class, no amount of note taking or studying is going to get you over an 80 on any of the tests. Do not — I repeat — do not even think about taking this for your science requirement. You will try, and you will fail. — Zach Berger

2. HORT 101

The professor is nice but the class is just ridiculous. I’m an English major so I try to take bullshit science Gen Eds, and I thought learning about plants would be fun for some reason. Turns out most of the other kids in my class were AG majors so we glossed over a lot of stuff because they already knew it, meanwhile I’m like “HELLO? I don’t know SHIT about the science of SOIL please slow down!”

Also halfway through the course he randomly turned it into an online class — even though that was never stated on the syllabus or course description — which caused everyone’s grades to plummet even more since we had to basically teach ourselves. Overall, I think it’s way more specific than it seems on the course listing, but if you’re really good at memorizing plant anatomy and an infinite number of GREEN HOUSE TYPES (yeah for real) then go for it. — Catie Simpson

1. EGEE 101

Web class. The entire section is riddled with misspellings, grammatical errors, and a half-assed attempt at humor; Mitt Romney talking about abortion has given me a better chuckle. The class itself is outdated using shitty anglefire-esque websites with god awful HTM. The quizzes also sometimes reference things that simply aren’t anywhere in the readings at all. As if I’m going to just “know” whether by BTU output the level of water or ash one can expect to have. Don’t go take this class unless you enjoy not being able to enjoy anything. This course sucks — Chadwick Lynch

Agree? Disagree? Have another class that everyone should avoid? Let us know in the comments.

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