Seven Steps to Decorating Your Room for Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving Break is over, it’s about time to get into the Christmas spirit. There’s nothing better than stepping into a room full of holiday décor after walking around in Happy Valley’s chilly temperatures. If you have any desire to transform your apartment or dorm room into a festive abode in time for the holiday, read on for several helpful tips.

Step 1: Wrap your doors in wrapping paper. Have one of your roomies (preferably the tallest one) hold up gift wrapping paper against the door and measure it out from there. Remember to cut out a space for the doorknob. Stick on bows, ribbons, snowflakes, or whatever other festive embellishments your heart desires.

Step 2: Get those holiday lights up ASAP. Hang the lights from corner to corner along the walls, plug them in, and whaddya know? You’ve just converted a dull room into a festive dwelling. Head to McLanahan’s for a cheap set of either white or multicolor lights.

Step 3: Buy a small Christmas tree, either fake or real, and place it somewhere that you feel generates a powerful holiday aura. Hang some ornaments, candy-canes, or tinsel on the branches for a decorative pop.

Step 4: Clip on some mistletoe or holly a few inches from your door. You’ll be guaranteed a kiss from the cutie down the hall.

Step 5: Purchase an advent calendar. The best ones feed you little bits of milk chocolate for 24 days straight!

Step 6: Set up a wax warmer. Wax warmers are a safe heat source that are great to use if you live in a dorm that doesn’t allow candles. You can find a grand array of holiday fragrances like Baked Cinnamon Rolls, Vanilla Spice, Iced Carrot Cake, and Crème Brûlée. They even have a Christmas Morning set available at Wal-Mart.

Step 7: Add a Christmas music station on Pandora and listen away. Songs from Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas” album are certain to pop up somewhere in the shuffle of music. You could also pre-game with some Christmas music to get in the spirit.

Follow these seven steps and the next thing you know your room will emit holiday cheer in no time. Happy Holidays!

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