IFC Recruitment App Helps Potential Fratstars

IFC’s Vice President for Communications Jordan Rolon has created a fancy new app for all young men aspiring to join a fraternity this spring. Although some apps can be a wasted download on your iPhone, the IFC Recruitment app provides essential information for Penn State users.

To download the app you must go to www.PSUIFCRecruitment.myapp.name on your mobile device and simply click on the center button at the bottom of the screen to add it onto your home screen. The first of five features connects viewers directly to the mobile-friendly Penn State IFC website.

A house map, similar to the Frat Map App utilized by sorostitutes roaming around frat land, is also available. Using this app, rushees will get a sense of direction if they haven’t already learned the ropes.

“The app will allow potential new members to retrieve important fraternity information at the palm of their hand,” Rolon said. “This will be a great help, especially during our zone days when potential new members are looking for specific houses.”

The third feature is the most beneficial for users of the app. If you click “Fraternities” a list of all Penn State IFC Fraternities are listed, along with each house’s recruitment chair, the recruitment chair’s email, and their phone number.

The last two options connect you right to the IFC twitter (@PennStateIFC) and Facebook page. QR codes found on flyers around campus can be scanned, ensuring potential new members of when certain fraternities are holding rush events.

“I believe that the app has allowed us to reach the next level in fraternity recruitment. I have received a lot of positive feedback from both potential new members and fraternities and I couldn’t be happier,” Rolon said.

Potential frat stars: download this app and you’ll be good to go this semester.

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