Students Use Tinder App to Rather Creepily Match Up

The time has finally  come to “find interesting people around you” using your iPhone.

Recently released by Hatch Labs, Inc., a free iPhone app called Tinder is quickly growing in popularity across campus. It began as a way for users to find new people to talk to, but college students are utilizing Tinder as a way of anonymously “liking” or “skipping” students nearby on their phone. A bit creepy, if you ask me…

Basically, the first thing that you do once you download the app is to connect through Facebook. But don’t worry ladies and gents, nothing is released publicly on your account, so your friends’ information won’t be accessible to anyone. So secretive! And then, bam! You’re good to go.

Choose four photos of yourself to show off on your profile. Most people put the best looking photos of themselves, considering they are trying find their match made in heaven, right?


To narrow the amount of students you anonymously “like” or “pass,” you’re given the option of limiting the search distance between 10 to 100 miles. If you’re looking to make things awkward and fun, I would highly suggest applying the 10 mile radius. The guy or girl you met last weekend will most likely make their way on to your screen at any given point.


The final step occurs once you’ve “liked” a profile and they “like” yours back. The connection is made, allowing you to message and interact with the particular match.

However, I’m a bit puzzled by what happens after that… If you’re interested, download away on your iPhone or click here.

What are your thoughts on Tinder? If you have been using the app, do you find it useful? Creepy?

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