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The Top 10 Dances Moves You’ll See at THON 2013

When you’re not doing the line dance this weekend at the BJC, you’re going to need some dance moves to fill in! Here’s the top 10 list that you’ll see this weekend, along with videos to help you learn the moves for yourself.

Honorable mentions: The Wop, The Cupid Shuffle, and The Carlton

1. The Bernie

-Fresh from the THON 2012 line dance, the Bernie was made famous by ISA in 2011. The move plays off of the 1989 movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” which is about 2 college-aged guys bringing their dead boss around to a bunch of places and pretending he is alive. So, when doing the Bernie, you’re supposed to flail your body about as if you’re being dragged around and have no real control of your limbs.

2. The Stanky Leg

-The Stanky Leg, performed by the GS Boyz, is a throwback from the THON 2011 line dance and requires the dancer to hold their nose (like there’s some sort of “stank”) and twist their leg to the ground.

3. Fist-Pumping/The John Wall

-First-pumping is nothing new to THON, as it was in the 2010 line dance, but it’s also one of the easiest moves out there and it’s pretty self-explanatory. All you need to do is channel your inner Dom Mazzetti (or Snooki if that’s your preference) and move your fist back and forth in sync with whatever you’re listening to. The John Wall is more of a fist and arm-muscle show-off, made famous by Troop 41 about the former Kentucky basketball player who now plays for the Washington Wizards.

4. The Dougie

-Part of the THON 2011 line dance, the Dougie went viral in 2010 after the release of the Cali Swag District music video. It involves wrapping your hands around your head and was originally inspired by rapper Doug E. Fresh.

5. The Shopping Cart

-A classic move, all you need to do here is pretend you’re shopping for groceries. Grab some cereal from the top shelf, and place it in your cart. Boom.

6. The Lawn Mower/Sprinkler Combo

-Put your hands in front of you as if you’re about to start pushing around a lawn mower. But, first you need to start the engine so make sure to fist pump in a downward direction. Then start pushing that lawn mower with a skip in your step and you’ve got the dance move down. The sprinkler is for the more advanced crowd, so be careful. Bend your left elbow and put your left hand on the side of your head. Make your right arm straight and start moving it back and forth towards your body. Look, you’re a sprinkler.

7. Gangnam Style

-If you don’t know this one, you’ve been living under a rock. This dance move absolutely skyrocketed last fall when the crazy video, released by Psy, became the most watched YouTube video of all time. Most people have no idea what they’re doing, but when the chorus starts, just act like you’re riding a horse and you should be fine.

8. The Cat Daddy

-The Rej3ctz came out with this song a few years ago, and it’s pretty awesome. The basic move is to roll your hands to your side, as if you might be rolling on a wheelchair (or as they say, “wheel chair stuntin”) and bend your knees to the sides.

9. The Wobble

-This song has been recently popularized by rapper V.I.C. A personal favorite, this dance starts with your typical Bernie. From there, it goes to a forward shimmy, a hand roll to each side, and a sway.

10. The Harlem Shake (as performed by ATLAS)

-The quickness of social media has just recently blown this up all over YouTube. For about 15 seconds, just one person dances alone while the rest try to go along with their day. As soon as that bass drops, though, the crowd follows along (usually wearing ridiculous outfits) and, in all honesty, looks as if they’re having some sort of conniption.

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