Let’s Get THON 2013 To Do The Harlem Shake

There isn’t a single person in the universe who doesn’t love the Harlem Shake. While most Youtube sensations create an immediate divide between fans and haters, the Harlem Shake is different. It’s all about showing off each participant’s personality and looking absolutely ridiculous, providing a unique experience with each video.

The debate about which version is the best never seems to end. But we could change that. I hereby propose that at some point during THON Weekend the whole BJC does the Harlem Shake.

Think about it; there is no way anyone could top our video. There would be 15,000+ people shakin’ what their momma gave ’em. Name any other event that could organize even half that number? We have the ability to literally end a viral sensation. You can’t pass up an opportunity like that.

Beyond proving once again how awesome Penn State is, this video would serve as the perfect tool to spread the word of THON. People across the world who witness the THON Harlem Shake would have to know more about the group that organized this magnanimous throwdown, and once you learn about THON, you are in love.

This is how I see it: THON Overall Will Martin or the Nittany Lion would be the initial dancer, standing alone on the stage. In the background would be everyone else standing still, holding their diamonds in the sky. We need no radical change of attire, as everyone is already clad in the dopest swag. Then once the drop comes in the, the stage would be filled up, and everyone would be going crazy.

If you too desire to show the world what a real Harlem Shake looks like, start spreading the word. Let’s make this happen, THON.

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