Heading Into the 14th Hour: Delirium Sets In

We’ve all been to that point in the night when we’re staying up late studying for an exam, finishing a project we should have done days in advance, or writing a paper that is due in our 8 a.m. class the next day. After a certain length of time without sleep, everything becomes hysterical. The later it gets, and the fuzzier we get, the more delirious we become. Some studies have even shown that sleep deprivation has effects like alcohol intoxication.

We have officially reached that point at the BJC. Dance moves have gotten loopy. Outfits have become progressively more ridiculous. Props are just absurd. Take the brothers of Kappa Delta Rho, who are currently sporting such fashions as a cropped cat sweater and margarita print Hawaiian shirt while they dance and wave around a plunger. Yes, a plunger; the instrument used to unclog toilets. I decided it was best not to ask where it came from.

Safe to say we’re all struggling along at this late, or should we say early, hour. That’s part of what makes THON beautiful. Lack of sleep is the great social equalizer, and boy, are we tired right about now.

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