THON, I-Spy Edition

As THON goes on for longer and longer and the hours become later and later, it can be difficult to stay awake and keep that energy up. So we here at Onward State have come up with a THON version of childhood favorite, I-Spy to make the wee morning hours seem less daunting. Whether you’re in the stands, on the floor, or watching from home, see how many of these things you can find!

1. Giant inflatable whale

This whale has been here for the majority of the weekend, staying in the same section. Personally, I would love to see it “swim” around the BJC.

2. Waldo– à la Where’s Waldo

At least two people are walking around the BJC dressed up as Waldo. Find them! Bonus points if you point and scream “I found you” at them.

3. BLVDS lights or Alumni sign in lights

These are probably the coolest signs. They light up!

4. Glammed out fanny pack

Fanny packs are apparently the “go to” accessory for THON with decorations varying from flowers to studs to sequins.

5. Giant inflatable donut 

If you can’t sneak real donuts in, an inflatable giant donut is the next best thing.

6. Superhero

Arguably, this is the easiest one, because each dancer should definitely be considered a superhero for dancing for 46 hours straight. But there are quite a few people dressed up as actual superheroes. These include Spider-man, Batman, Captain America, and more.

7. Flying elephant hat

This is my favorite of the many, many crazy and unusual hats seen at THON. Apparently, it was last year’s OPP hat, and people are just wearing them this year. But it is adorable either way.

8. American flag decorated something

Flags as capes, flags as shirts, flags as scarves. The American flag is everywhere it seems.

9. Plunger

Plungers have apparently become the latest dancing accessory?

10. Dancing fruit or vegetables

There is nothing quite like a dancing banana. Unless, of course, it is a dancing pea pod.

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