Corbett Calls out the NCAA on Factual Errors

Another day, another chapter in the chess match between Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and the NCAA.

As you may recall, a few weeks ago, the NCAA filed to a motion to dismiss Corbett’s lawsuit, saying that Pennsylvania doesn’t have grounds to sue the NCAA over an issue of discipline.

On Monday, Corbett filed a response to the NCAA’s motion.

Within the response, Corbett keys onto the notion that the NCAA “injects factual assertions” in its attempt to dismiss the antitrust lawsuit. Specifically, Corbett points out the NCAA incorrectly asserts that the Penn State Board of Trustees voted to approve the Consent Decree. As has been well documented  the board never met to formally discuss or decide upon the Consent Decree.

“The roots of this litigation lie not in an NCAA rule violation, or any activity that jeopardized competitive fairness, but rather in the criminal conduct by Gerald Sandusky, a former assistant football coach. The NCAA did not investigate PSU’s conduct, but instead relied on a report commissioned by PSU to investigate the Sandusky Offenses (the “Freeh Report”),” the filing states.

The entire document can be found below:

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