Report: Attorney Appointed to Investigate Possible “Secrecy Issues” During Sandusky Grand Jury

About three weeks ago, a Pennsylvania judge appointed an attorney to investigate possible “secrecy issues” that may have occurred within the grand jury that investigated Jerry Sandusky and other former Penn State officials, according to the Associated Press.

Pa. Judge Barry Feudale ordered the appointment of attorney James Reeder on February 8th, per the report.

Feudale has been trying to iron out legal issues surrounding the former Penn State lawyer Cynthia Baldwin and her involvement in the grand jury investigation.

Three months ago, Gary Schultz filed a Writ of Summons, indicating his intent to sue Baldwin.

Much has been made about Baldwin’s role in the legal trouble Penn State officials are now in. The former university counsel sat in when the Grand Jury interviewed Gary Schultz, as well as Tim Curley and Graham Spanier. All three men claim that they were under the impression that Baldwin was legally representing them, but Baldwin has maintained that she was there only in the interests of Penn State, not the individual people. Some have accused her of violating attorney-client privilege for the ambiguity.

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