Smeal MBA is Pretty Ethical! Says Businessweek

Congratulations are in order to Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, whose MBA program was recently ranked 15th in ethics out of 82 schools as part of Businessweek’s Best B-Schools Rankings.

Businessweek compiled these “Best B-School Rankings” — which also rate MBA programs in specialties such as entrepreneurship, international business, and diversity — by surveying 2012 MBA grads about “the full range of of their business school experience.” If the survey results are to believed, Smeal’s MBA program rates higher in the specialty of “Ethics” than MBA powerhouses such as Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management (18th in ethics; 5th overall), Harvard Business School (23rd; 2nd overall), Penn’s Wharton School (49th; 3rd overall), and Stanford Graduate School of Business (59th; 4th overall).

Smeal, which is ranked 38th overall in the Best B-Schools Rankings, is also ranked relatively high in categories such as “Information Technology” (30th), “E-business” (23rd), “Diversity” (39th), and “Teamwork” (36th), in addition to the aforementioned 15th rank in ethics.

What’s the secret behind the good ethics of Smeal College of Business? The Smeal’s Honor Code initiative? Good ol’ Midwestern values? There’s no way to know for sure, but hey, do your thang, you super-ethical Smeal MBAs.

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