Anthony Lubrano to Invite Louis Freeh to Board Meeting

At this week’s Board of Trustees meeting, outspoken Penn State trustee Anthony Lubrano says he will he suggest that the board invite Louis Freeh, who you all know, and Dick Thornburgh, one of the main contributors to the Paterno report, to May’s board meeting, according to a short interview clip with the Centre County Report.

The text of the 40-second clip can be found below:

“At the next board meeting (this Friday in Hershey), I’m going to suggest that we invite Louis Freeh, Governor Dick Thornburgh, and anyone else the board thinks necessary and appropriate to our May board meeting for us to discuss and deliberate the Freeh report. I think it’s wholly appropriate because many of us now have more questions than we had before as a result of Dick Thornburgh’s and the other experts’ work. The only way I can get answers to them is to have Louis Freeh in front of us to respond to them and the other experts so we can have back-and-forth exchange.”

This video comes on the heels of Lubrano stating that he felt Penn State deserved a refund from the Freeh group because, “putting aside its inaccuracy and unfairness, the Freeh Report is far from complete.”

While a formal public discussion between Freeh, who released this statement only about 90 minutes after the Paterno report went public, and Thornburgh would certainly be interesting (they worked together two decades ago), it is unlikely Freeh would even be willing show since he’s already been paid north of six million and deemed the Paterno report as “self serving.”

But, hey, we’ve all seen crazier things.

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