Day: March 18, 2013

Arguments Heard in Mike McQueary vs. Penn State Case

Attorneys representing Mike McQueary and Penn State convened at the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte today to present their preliminary arguments before Judge Thomas Gavin.

PS4RS Announces Six BOT Endorsement Finalists

With the Penn State Board of Trustees election coming up next month, it's anyone's guess as to which three candidates of the 39 running will win.. The most powerful group aimed at reforming the Board of Trustees -- Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship -- is likely to have significant influence on the outcome of the election. The group claims more than 18,000 members worldwide, and considering that just over 37,000 ballots were cast last year during an election that will most likely have the highest voter turnout ever, the group's endorsement should hold some weight.

Another Impressive Year for TEDxPSU

TEDxPSU is heading into its fourth year of existence, but the organization has already established itself as an annual "must attend" event for active members of the Penn State community. Yesterday's third annual TEDxPSU: "Yesterday's Frontiers, Tomorrow's Horizons" reinforced that statement more than ever before.

Bar Hopping With Mike the Mailman

As it turns out, Mike Herr, better known to the Penn State community as Mike the Mailman, has been running his own tour for over two decades. This isn’t just any bar tour though, this is the “Cheers First Class Tour.”

Class Review: Snowboarding (KINES 012)

Sadly, this semester will be my last at Penn State, and, like many seniors, I waited until the last moment to complete my last GHA (General Health and Activity) credits. I decided to take something a little unorthodox: Snowboarding.

32 People Who are Better Qualified to Serve on The Board of Trustees

It's no secret that many people question both the quality and motives of The Board of Trustees. In light of recent meetings and the upcoming elections, one writer decided to assemble his own Board of Trustees Dream Team.

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