PS4RS Announces Six BOT Endorsement Finalists

With the Penn State Board of Trustees election coming up next month, it’s anyone’s guess as to which three candidates of the 39 running will win. The largest group aimed at reforming the Board of Trustees — Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship — is likely to have significant influence on the outcome of the election. The group claims more than 18,000 members worldwide, and considering that just over 37,000 ballots were cast last year during an election that will most likely have the highest voter turnout ever, the group’s endorsement should hold some weight.

The group announced its six finalists for possible endorsement today. They are:

  • Rudolph K. Glocker
  • William F. Oldsey
  • Barbara L. Doran
  • Robert C. Jubilrer
  • Ted. J. Sebastianelli
  • Edward “Ted” B. Brown III

It’s yet to be seen just how much influence PS4RS will have, but the group is actively trying to avoid vote fracturing. Because so many of the recent candidates assimilate with the group’s views, the last thing it wants is for their members’ votes to be spread out and have an incumbent slip through to victory.

“As the grassroots watchdog alumni organization for Penn State, it is incumbent upon the leadership of Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship to bring forth the most passionate and qualified candidates in the field – and those who will have the best chance of unseating the incumbents,” said PS4RS Election Committee Chairman Christian Marrone. “We looked for individuals who are more than one-issue candidates; board reform is important, but so is selecting the next president, tuition control, NCAA sanctions, state appropriations, recognizing Joe Paterno and restoring Penn State’s national reputation.”

The six candidates will be narrowed down to three by next week after an online primary by PS4RS members. The six were chosen by the PS4RS election committee, comprised of ten members including Franco Harris.

“We also strongly considered life experience, consensus-building ability, negotiation skills, and a clear record of maturity in all public dealings,” added Marrone. “Above all else, our ultimate objective is to put forth three PS4RS-endorsed candidates who will be the very best representatives of Penn State in thought, word and deed. With our Top Six, we are one step closer to this goal.”

Do you know any other groups that will be endorsing candidates for the upcoming Board of Trustees election? Send me an email

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