“Welcome to my Crib” PSU Edition

Cue the gangster music and slow-mo cameras, here’s PSU’s first edition of Cribs. After carefully reviewing entries, prompted by our post from a week ago, here are  your Cribs: the PSU edition finalists!

Each room has its own unique element whether it be creative coloring, tasteful feng-shui, or useful homemade contraptions.


Described as a “please touch museum,” this room offers the complete lounging experience with a loft (with shelves for drinks and a pocket for a cell phone), TV and surround sound speakers, and essential mood lighting.

Submitted by: Rachel Lindsay– Beaver Plaza


This rainbow ceiling was created with the help of construction paper and finals week procrastination.

Submitted by: Molly Eckman and Nicole Bernstein — Atherton Hall


This perfectly put-together room follows the rules of interior design and needs to be pinned on Pinterest ASAP.

Submitted by: Danielle — Nittany Crossing


Is this room from Crate & Barrel? Ikea? Home Goods? Try more like from the thrift shop (down the road…) Impressive!

Submitted by: Marissa Guarriello — Westside Village Condos


Some of this room’s features include a “borrowed” table from one of the building’s lounges, rollie chairs, the all-essential stolen road sign, pom poms hanging from the ceiling, nerf guns, a plasma ball, huge computer monitors, and the best of all- window access where friends can come and go.

Submitted by: Aaron Westbrook — McKee, West Halls


“Four guys. Three TVs. Two iHomes. One futon. Zero Girls.”

Submitted by: Justin Molitoris — North Dorms

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