Puppies for Finals Week: Ask and You Shall Receive

Just yesterday, we told you the sad truth about UPUA’s Finals Week Puppy Room and how there isn’t/will never be one. Just like the heart-meltingly sad li’l nuggets at the bottom of that article, you were probably pretty depressed to hear such terrible news just before finals week.

But wait!

While UPUA may not have a stake in your emotional stability, there are other organizations on campus that have your psychological well-being in mind: University Health Services & CAPS.

Thanks to these lovely people, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. next Tuesday, April 30, you can come to the Student Health Center lawn on Bigler Road for a “Show You Care” event called “Fun For Finals!” (exclamation point included).

At “Fun For Finals!” you’ll get to enjoy stress-free activities like arts and crafts, bubble-blowing, hula-hooping, and–wait for it– PETTING AND PLAYING WITH SOME ADORABLE  FREAKING PUPPIES!

There will also be a DeStress Station and Relaxation Areas on the second floor of the Student Health Center, but let’s face it, we’re all gonna be too excited about nuzzling these furry little balls of joy to remember that we were ever stressed for finals in the first place.

Now, for some puppies as excited about this as you are:


Happy puppy





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