Trans-Siberian Orchestra to rock “The Lost Christmas Eve” One Final Time

Rock opera group Trans-Siberian Orchestra will stop in Happy Valley on November 15th. Known for their unique musical style — incorporating a mixture  classical, orchestral, and progressive pieces into hard rock with a splash of heavy metal — the group will perform as part of their Lost Christmas Eve Tour at the Bryce Jordan Center.

The band was founded in 1993 by producer, composer, and lyricist Paul O’Neill, who united Jon OlivaAl Pitrelli and  Robert Kinkel to form the foundation of the group. The band gained in popularity after touring in 1999 following the completion of their third rock opera, “Beethoven’s Last Night.”  Their music has been described as, “Pink Floyd, meets, The Who, meets Yes.” 

Stemming from the group’s fourth album of the same name, this tour will be the last time Trans-Siberian Orchestra will perform the album. The 23 track album plays out as a story about a man who slowly becomes bitter and jaded about the Christmas holiday and is eventually taught to see the beauty of it once again. The sale date and ticket prices have yet to be announced, so be sure to check back for an update as we find out more.

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