State Patty’s Day “Honored” As America’s Second Best College Party

It has been a noteworthy week for Penn State’s reputation as one of the best party schools in the country. A few days ago, Dear Old State reclaimed its spot on the Princeton Review list as one of America’s ten best party schools. Now, the school’s premier partying event State Patty’s Day has been honored as one of Buzzfeed’s “15 Insane College Parties That Will Make You Want To Transfer,” coming in at number two behind Ohio University’s Palmer Fest.

State Patty’s Day frequently gets buzz as one of the best college events in the country, although most of the buzz it generated last year was due to the university paying off bars to not serve alcohol. While crime numbers did end up going down — no thanks to this guy — it was still an unpopular decision with many folks, both within the Penn State community and beyond.

Luckily for those who love the “holiday weekend,” it still gets recognized as one of the nation’s best college parties. Buzzfeed cited the school’s decision to pay off bars and this video in its justification for the high ranking. And the picture of a naked guy doing a keg stand didn’t hurt, either.

There’s no word on whether or not the Campus-Community Partnership on Dangerous Drinking will give Buzzfeed $5,000 to remove Penn State from its rankings, but if they do, we’ll fill you in.

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