DIY Spirit Wear for the Creative (or Poor)

I haven’t been to many Penn State football games, so last Saturday when I threw on a navy shirt and some jorts, I had no idea the error I was making. When I got to the stadium, I found myself living my own personal nightmare – I was underdressed. It was a moment of reevaluation for me, and I made a promise to step up my game. Like the madwoman I am, I took to my crafting corner and whipped up some cheap and easy DIY spirit wear. I share my projects with you now in the hopes that you never make the same mistake I did.

If you plan on embarking on this DIY journey, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plain white t-shirt
  • 2 circle sponge brushes (small and medium)
  • Navy and white fabric paint
  • High-waisted jean shorts
  • Fabric stencils

Tank Top:


So I started with this super wrinkly white t-shirt. Naturally, I first cut off the sleeves to make it into a tank top. I do this with all of my shirts because I don’t want them to rip every time I flex. I then used fabric stencils (found at Wal-Mart) and navy fabric paint to paint on a classic from the Penn State fight song. I wanted the back to be equally swaggin’ so I tied on a navy and white toile bow (ribbon also from Wal-Mart). It ended up like this:


Jean shorts:


High-waisted jorts are a trend that we are all going to regret so badly one day, but for now we might as well embrace them. I got this pair for $6 at the Attic. I dipped a medium sized circle sponge brush into white fabric paint and polka dotted the shorts. Then, I used a smaller brush to make the toes of the paws. Please nobody get on my case about the fact that the Penn State paw is supposed to have four toes – this is art not science. Anyway, it ended up like this:


Overall I have to say I’m pleased with my makeshift spirit wear, and am relieved that I’ll never have to live in fear of being underdressed at at Penn State game again!

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