Day: September 20, 2013

Blue and White Print Outlines Ideas for Change

Walking around campus this week, you may have seen copies of the "Blue & White Print: A Plan for the Future of The Pennsylvania State University" lying around for students to pick up. The nifty 16-page booklet includes suggestions for improvement in five aspects of university life including tradition, academics, shared governance, Board of Trustees, and student government.

On Culture and #Culture

Maybe we take our rivalry with Ohio State very seriously, or maybe we mentally check out of a Friday afternoon class to wonder about which quarterback is going to start Saturday or think about getting tailgate supplies. It's exciting, and it's a good way for a lot of us, 110,000 strong, to come together and blow off steam and rally around Penn State. I think it's great that starting October 1, Penn State will conduct a survey to really take the pulse of the real culture here. Regardless of whether there's a problem or not, it's never a bad idea to step back and reevaluate.

Top Places To Play Sports On Campus

Whether you’re trying to get in a little practice before walk-on tryouts or just looking to take a break from studying, Penn State offers a wide array of sports fields, complexes, and gymnasiums that are sure to meet all your athletic needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best places to play sports […]

What’s The Deal With The Empty Seats?

Penn State's athletic director, David Joyner, has assured fans that STEP has been a success. Apparently, success is measured in money.

Ty Howle Finally the Center of Attention

Ty Howle is always in the center on the football field, but he isn't necessarily always the center of attention. Howle, a fifth-year senior, had been patiently waiting to make his start at center for the 2013 Penn State football team.

10 Stores and Restaurants State College Desperately Needs

There is no denying that there are certain places you wish you could drop your dollars at, but are unfortunately unavailable in Happy Valley. Sure, State College is great, but these places could make it just a little better.

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