Six Tweets That Will Make Any Penn State Fan Happy

We here at Onward State do a lot of things, but if there’s one thing we love doing more than anything else, it’s making Penn Staters happy. Do we always do it? Of course not. But we think we’re going to this time.

After yesterday’s news that the scholarship ban on Penn State is being lifted early and that there’s a solid chance the bowl ban eventually gets lifted, the Twitterverse exploded with tweets praising Bill O’Brien and co. for their fight against the NCAA. However, some tweets really stuck out.

Through tireless work — literally, I just woke up from a nap so I’m not tired anymore — we found six tweets that were head and shoulders above everything.

Here they are, the six tweets that are guaranteed to make you happy:

1) USC Coach Lane Kiffin

2) USC Coach Lane Kiffin

3) USC Coach Lane Kiffin

4) USC Coach Lane Kiffin

5) USC Coach Lane Kiffin

6) USC Coach Lane Kiffin

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