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You’ve probably seen the new slogan around campus: ‘Penn State Lives Here.’ We already documented what the Penn State Twittersphere thinks about the new slogan, and shockingly, the results aren’t good. With a 3 percent tuition increase proposed for next year, it’s hard to get excited about spending money on the development and implementation of a rebranding initiative that’s so terribly unoriginal — especially when Penn State is unwilling to tell us how much it paid for it.

“Most of the costs of the initiative were the research that went into it, including all of the contact with the thousands of Penn State students, faculty, staff and alumni,” Penn State spokeswoman Annemarie Mountz said, declining to be more specific.

Onward State is in the process of filing a Pennsylvania Right to Know request to figure out exactly how much Penn State spent on this campaign, although the information is likely exempt from the law (for now).

According to Mountz, the goal of the campaign is “to embody the spirit of Penn Staters everywhere” and this new slogan was the result of speaking to “thousands of Penn State students, faculty, staff and alumni about what Penn State means to them.”

Good job, good effort Penn State.

Here’s a list of other organizations and companies that have adopted the completely unoriginal and entirely uninspiring “[Insert Name] Lives Here” marketing message.

College Football Lives Here – ESPN

  Vancouver Lives Here – CBC

  Big Taste Lives Here – KFC

  Bulgaria Lives Here – Bulgarian Tourism Board

  Hope Lives Here – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Hope Lives Here – Animal Rescue Society

  Passion Lives Here – Torino Olympics (2006)

  The Truth Lives Here – Glenn Beck’s old network slogan (BlazeTV)

  Jack Lives Here – Jack Daniels

  Loyalty Lives Here – Purdue Alumni Association

  Green Lives Here – NBC Earth Week slogan


Zipcar Lives Here – Zipcar


Havoc Lives Here -VCU Basketball


Art Lives Here – Ketchkian, Alaska


As a five minute search proved, it’s not exactly a unique slogan — but I did see a few alumni stealing the signs from campus on Saturday, so someone must like it. Enjoy your signs, ladies!

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