Oxygen Pernell Drops New Rap Song “PSUing” Ft. Boombox Guy

Penn State is known for three things: football, partying, and a bevy of guys who decided they were going to try rapping without any discernible rapping skills. Seriously. There are nursing homes with better rappers than Penn State.

So when we came across this video of a Penn State rapper who, you know, doesn’t suck, we were shocked:

The rapper is named “Oxygen Pernell,” and the song is actually a wonderful representation of Penn State. It features tons of references to things that are part of the Penn State experience. There’s a “We Are!” chant in the song, which is basically a requirement for every Penn State-themed rap song. He also shouts out Joe Paterno and chills with the Nittany Lion.

Most importantly, there are tons of awkward white people. The one thing that we can all agree on is that awkward white people make up the largest portion of the Penn State community, and this video has tons of them. My favorites are dancing guy, guy whose hands are in his pockets the entire time, the girl who has no idea what’s going on, everyone sitting on the “THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY” sign, and everyone on the club cross country team. And Boombox Guy! Of course he made a cameo.

Check out the video, get the song stuck in your head, follow @OxygenPernell on Twitter, and enjoy the hell out of this track.

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