Natty Nittany: What Not to Wear

This week, I wanted to focus on the “Penn State Uniform,” which I have been told is called “the SNUGG” (because it consists of Spandex, a Northface fleece, and UGGs). But to critique it, I needed to get images of SNUGG wearers in their natural habitat. Even though there were an astronomical amount of girls wearing that combination of SNUGGS–trust me–all the girls wearing this outfit  campus refused to let me take their picture. After walking around for 2 hours and stopping at least 20 girls I came to the conclusion that they were all extremely embarrassed that they were wearing this outfit. If that’s the case, why wear it?

I even offered to cover their faces, and they still refused. If you’re going to wear the SNUGG, OWN IT! Don’t be ashamed that you’re buying into this trend, be proud of it. I learned a long time ago that if you’re going to wear something, even if it’s thoughtless and unoriginal, like the SNUGG is, wear it with confidence. Sure, I’m not a fan, but if you are–go for it! But since all the girls in spandex wouldn’t let me take their picture, I moved onto another outfit we’ve all become so familiar with–the black jacket, jeans, and tan UGGs look. I know this is going to get me in trouble.

Though it’s similar to the SNUGG outfit, the black jacket, blue jeans, and tan UGGs presents an entirely different list of problems. First and foremost: They don’t match! Wearing black and brown used to be a big no, but nowadays, you can make it work. But this… just doesn’t work. I don’t know where people got the idea that tan UGGs go with everything, but it’s so false.

I get it. UGGs are comfortable, they’re easy, and they’re trendy, but you really can’t say they’re cute. Any shoe that makes your foot look like a stump at the end of your leg is not flattering. Somehow, UGGs have sunk their comfy, tan leather teeth into college style, and they won’t let go. And just for the sake of being even more pretentious, they’re not uggs. You have to spell it in all caps. Really? I think I’m going to start going by JOE instead of Joe just to make me more obnoxious.

I’ll stop ranting now, but just remember–fashion really does say a lot about you. So next time you go shopping, think about what you want to see. And don’t buy UGGs.

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I'm a Junior majoring in Art Education, Ceramics, and Photography. Fashion and style are a huge part of my life, so it makes perfect sense that I'm photographing and writing the Natty Nittany! Joe


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