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Onward State Gives Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Onward State! Aside from you readers, here is what our staff is thankful for this year.

Alex Goncalves: I’m thankful for the quesarito, the mediocre but pleasurably cheap hookahs at C. Town, for the opportunities afforded to me for being a townie, for the light hazing I receive from my peers for being a townie, for the overcooked sausages and undercooked eggs at Redifer late night, and more than anything for the great group of friends I’ve managed to make and the sense of community I feel when I’m at Penn State.

Alex Robinson: I’m thankful for the fact that I actually like my roommate this year, for Terry Pegula and the new hockey team, and the opportunity to finally go home for the first time this semester. And this.

Ali Fogarty: I’m thankful to be a Penn Stater. I’m thankful to be a part of this community and for everything I’ve experienced through it. I’m thankful for crowdedness in the HUB, lines at Cafe, and mob-like crowds outside Gate A. I’m thankful to be a part of a student body that’s passionate about their school and carrying on the traditions and legacies of Penn Staters before us. I’m thankful for the educators that support and push me to never settle for good enough. But I’m still thankful for Wings Over, Phyrst happy hour, and Irving’s bagels.

Alicia Thomas: I’m grateful for Netflix, hot tea, and naps. I’m also thankful for the three incredible years I’ve gotten to spend at Penn State so far, and for the opportunity to study abroad in Spain this spring. Oh, and for the internet, because without it nobody would ever read anything that I write and I never would have met half of the most important people in my life.

Anna Foley: I’m thankful for the entire page of vegetarian dishes at India Pavilion, dirty chai tea lattes, the Harry Potter reading room, mittens, ducks, the theatre, an amazing school to call home, a supportive family, and friends that never fail to make me smile.

Anna Ungar: I’m thankful to be attending the greatest university in the world with some of my favorite people in the world. I’m thankful for THON for bringing me to this amazing place, for changing my life, and for bringing me friends and family who I’ll never forget. I’m thankful for Pizza Heaven, HUB quesadillas, creamery chocolate milk, my cat, Coach Chambers, and the people who are crazy enough to camp out in the freezing cold at Gate A three days a week. I’m thankful for football Saturdays, the amazing passion of Penn Staters, photography, Onward State, and my amazing friends, family, and boyfriend. I’m thankful to attend a wonderful school where I’ve found my calling, met my best friends, and had the best times of my life.

Ben Berkman: I’m thankful for Late Night at Rediffer, hungry Thursdays, the basketball team’s backcourt, and the welcoming environment that is Penn State.

Bill DiFilippo: I’m thankful for basketball games that nobody goes to so you can hear Pat Chambers scream “FUCK” throughout the arena. I’m thankful for all the people who put up with me for some reason, the 2,000 blogs that I write for, the NBA, for Tim Frazier because holy shit that dude’s amazing at basketball/may be Jesus, and for the US Men’s National Soccer Team for giving me hope that maybe someday we can beat Ghana in the knockout stage. Oh, and Jürgen Klinsmann for being devastatingly handsome.

Bobby Chen: I’m thankful for my roommates, who have tolerated me for almost three months now. (Love you guys.) I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving break, which has been a much needed breather from the wildness of this semester. It’s been a great ride thus far, though, so I’m thankful for my wonderful friends — it’s been a lot of fun and the spring is only going to be better. I’m thankful for the opportunity to cover Penn State football alongside Mitch Wilston and Zach Berger. It’s gonna be tough to replace you guys next year.

Bridget Markham: I’m thankful for my parents for paying for my education here at Penn State. I’m thankful that I have met amazing friends and have taken some awesome classes. I’m thankful for my roommate who always makes me laugh and the good friends on my floor who make this my home. I’m thankful for my sister for appreciating a solid Harry Potter joke and being a great duet partner on car rides. But, I’m mostly thankful for Pita Pit’s first Thursday of the Month discount.

Casey Dexter: I’m thankful for all the things Penn State has introduced to me. I’m thankful for all the laughs with my friends, going to classes I actually like, discovering Jimmy Johns, the Starbucks in the Hub, a Netflix account that isn’t mine, and most importantly the best feeling of community I’ve ever had.

Catie Simpson: I’m thankful for Ernie’s cheesesteaks, Suzie Wong’s egg rolls, Irving’s breakfast sandwiches, Cozy Thai’s drunken noodles, India pavilions lunch buffet, Tea Time’s bubble tea, Pizza Heaven’s pizza, and WPSU Coffee break ice cream from the Creamery.

CJ Doon: I’m thankful for my wonderful family, who provide guidance and support throughout all my endeavors. I’m thankful for my parents, who will always remain my biggest fans. I’m thankful for my friends, both new and old, who are always there for me when I need them and help me find the humor in life. I’m thankful to that special someone, who has given me the confidence to be true to who I am, made me smile countless times, and who I cherish having in my life.

Lastly, I’m thankful for being able to attend a truly outstanding university. While Penn State has experienced its share of trials and tribulations over the last few years, it has never ceased to be a beautiful, exciting, and supportive environment to learn.

Grant Brown: I’m thankful that my relatives are still okay with getting Penn State crap for gifts, that I’m taller than the Nittany Lion, that the awesome HUB expansion will be finished two months after I graduate, that Matt McGloin has #moxie, that we beat Michigan, that the dinner table has great 4G coverage, and that I have some pretty awesome families, whether Penn State, Onward State, immediate or extended.

Jake Lukow: I guess I’ll be a film guy and say I’m thankful for depth of field, because without it I would be nothing, this week to sit and watch movies and play video games, and having all of this material to film in my free time.

Janki Patel: I’m thankful for Penn Kebab baklava, our week long fall break (suck it, temple), meal points, catching up on beauty sleep this week, and most of all the “Penn State Lives Here” campaign that always reminds me where Penn State lives when I forget (it happens to the best of us).

Jessica Tully: I’m thankful for my friend Gina who took me on my first visit of Penn State during high school. That trip convinced me I didn’t want to be anywhere else for college. On top of having four years filled with unforgettable memories, Penn State brought incredible people into my life who helped mold me into the person I am today. Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn from past experiences and encouraged me to always strive to be better.

Julia Kern: I’m thankful for my mom, who runs my favorite Twitter account; my dad, who’s always around to give me thesis advice; my sister, who inspires me to settle for only the best West Elm deals; my boyfriend, who — for some reason — keeps putting up with me; and Onward State, who lets me publish forms and write things and be a part of the most followed student media outlet in the country.

Katie Blitz: I’m thankful that the University Park airport takes about 5 minutes to go through security, and that I’ve never seen a pigeon in the State College area (two things that will never happen in New York.) I’m thankful that we get a week off so I can catch up on all of the work I have to do before finals. I’m thankful I only have 2 finals and that the second one is on Tuesday of finals week. I’m thankful for my parents for finally switching to Verizon, so now my calls don’t get dropped at school. I’m thankful I haven’t seen snow in person at Penn State yet this winter. I’m thankful for the opportunity to cover the three-time wrestling national champions. I’m especially thankful that I have another two and a half years at this amazing university.

Katie Tully: I’m thankful for my cold stone punch card. It gave me a goal in my life to accomplish and I now know the happiness of completing a personal mission as I just filled it up

Kevin Horne: I’m thankful for boobs. I’m thankful for sex being free. I’m thankful for leggings, stockings, and yoga pants. I’m thankful that my friends don’t give a shit about my sex life. I’m thankful for girls not wanting to take a walk of shame. I’m thankful you picked a sex position that doesn’t show off my fat rolls. I’m thankful you finally shut the hell up and let me sit on your face. I’m thankful for terrible, misogynistic Daily Collegian columns.

But in all seriousness, I’m thankful I get wake up every morning in Camelot at the best university in the best town in the world. I’m thankful I still get chills when I walk by the Lion Shrine at night or down a deserted Pollock Road and think about how lucky I am. I’m also thankful for everyone I’ve had the privilege to meet or work with through Onward State over the last three years, especially my lovely girlfriend who finally switched to the good guys this semester.

Leo Dillinger: I am thankful for my loving family, an endless amount of intrinsically loyal friends, incredible roommates, the Penn State community at large, Wild Turkey 101, contemporary literature, independent musicians, one final season of Mad Men, but most of all, I’m thankful for those who dare to dream and stay positive in a world full of negativity.

Lindsay Hummell: I am thankful for this university, the opportunities it has presented me with, and all the awesome people I have met here. Shout out to Gumby’s on the Pokey Stix as well because I am most definitely thankful for those.

Maggie McGlinchy: I’m thankful for Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull, Phyrst happy hour, and bacon shots from the Darkhorse. I am also thankful for Irving’s continuing to serve me perfectly toasted everything bagels on an almost daily basis.

Mara Kern: I am thankful for my family who just like me falls further in love with Penn State every time they step foot in Happy Valley. I’m thankful for my second home, the Phyrst, for finding friends who will go out on Sundays, happy hour, Irving’s piña colodas, bubble tea, bar bands, branch campuses, Internet fights, and fiddlehead. Most of all though, I am thankful for a university that has forever left its paw print on my heart.

Meghan Loder: I am thankful for being raised a Penn Stater and for now being able to live as a Penn Stater. Also for Christian Hackenberg’s arm Allen Robinson’s hands and the Red Sox World Series Trophy.

Sarah Desiderio: I’m thankful for avocados, the fact that I’m no longer forced to wear turtlenecks for Thanksgiving, and giraffes.

Sarah Hanrahan: I’m thankful for Canyon Pizza and the people I con into buying me Canyon Pizza. I’m also thankful for my giant jacket, because it’s going to be a freezing winter. Most of all, I’m thankful for the wonderful education I’m receiving and all of the resources Penn State provides for me.

Sarah Peterson: I’m thankful for Penn State and all the memories it has given me already – all of which involve amazing, smart, and ambitious people. I’m also thankful for my supportive family and friends, my boyfriend who somehow loves me, and the way my dog looks at me when I come home after being at school.

Sean Gregory: I’m thankful for the sassy College Pizza tip jar, cool White Loop drivers, that Schwab Auditorium is now managed by Student Affairs (shout out to all my Thespian loves), that I have the opportunity to be so involved in THON, that Bill DiFilippo got me onboard here, and that I get to spend four years of my life living it up at the best university in the happiest valley on Earth.

Ted Hozza: I’m thankful for all of my friends at Penn State, especially the ones from my freshman floor. I’m thankful for my parents for giving me the resources to go to Penn State and for Chipotle being so close to my apartment.

Yuka Narisako: I’m thankful for my family, friends, much-needed sleep, and home cooked meals, but this Thanksgiving I’d like to especially thank the marketing geniuses for letting me know where Penn State Lives. I’m thankful for food that I eat and the shoes on my feet. Above all I’m thankful for ugly sweaters, Cher CDs, and White Loop drivers that wait for me.

Zach Berger: I’m thankful for family and great friends. I’m thankful to go to the best university in the world and to be able to call myself a Penn Stater. I’m thankful that I have one more semester before I graduate. I’m thankful for this Penn State football season despite the roller-coaster ride that it’s been. And most of all, I’m thankful that Matt McGloin’s moxie works just as well in the National Football League as it did in college. (Oh, and I’m thankful for Bill O’Brien’s glorious chin too.)

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