$1,700 ‘Penn State Lives Here’ Banner Stolen

It wasn’t us. I swear.

We broke the news yesterday that the deplorable “Penn State Lives Here” banners at the library, Rec Hall, and Sackett Building were gone. We just assumed that the banners were put away in storage, as promised, and that this abject failure of a marketing campaign was behind us. As it turns out, a grand theft has occurred on our very own campus — a swindle among us, who operates in the dark of night.

The $1,700 (!!!) banner hanging on the Sackett Building is in fact  not in University storage but more likely under the Christmas tree of some unsuspecting Penn Stater. Penn State did intend to take the banners down — it did so with the others around campus — but when OPP went to take the banner from Sackett Building, it was gone, according to the Centre Daily Times.

It may have just been the perfect crime; University police currently don’t have any leads on the theft. No additional information is available, according to the CDT.

The signs’ absence is certainly a welcoming sign to anyone who values fiscal responsibility or originality. Our photo of the sign-less buildings garnered more than 1,000 likes on Facebook alone, with many declaring it a Festivus miracle. As you’re probably aware by now, Penn State spent more than $800,000 on the slogan — a number which is still climbing — and has dispatched administrators and marketing professionals an a statewide explanation tour after the campaign was not well-received.

We’ll keep you updated if the thief is found. For now, just keep enjoying this:

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Jessica Tully is a first-year law student at Penn State's Dickinson School of Law. She graduated in May 2014 with degrees in journalism and political science.


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